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Judy Martell and Holly Dykes, Co-Directors


We have been active in Montessori education since we first started teaching together in 1982. We both have advanced education degrees and elementary Montessori teaching certificates. Years of in-class experience, as well as administrative and consulting experience, help us understand the most important needs of teachers.

Because we as a team are so firmly grounded in Montessori, Mandala Classroom Resources is a unique and valuable resource to teachers seeking quality materials.

We create and produce all of the materials sold here by Mandala Classroom Resources--and everything's made in the USA.

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We help students apply knowledge in engaging ways. . .
The Grammar Game
and integrate multiple skills creatively. . .
The Do-it-Yourself Imaginary Island Puzzle
using tools designed for beautiful work. . .
Grammar Template
with carefully researched materials.
Latin and Greek Roots