Making Spelling Decisions (sold in sets of 5 books only) (#S1): $50.00 set of 5 books

An independent program linking spelling rules and composition

With this booklet you can be assured that your students are not just learning the most important rules of spelling, but are learning to make spelling decisions as they write. By their third year of school, students are increasing their writing and editing skills. Knowing the most common spelling rules and demonstrating proper use in composition enables the students to internalize these rules. New rules are introduced clearly, activities are given for practice, and new knowledge is applied in paragraphs of their own composition. When complete, they have a reference for future work.spelldict

Included in each spiral bound booklet:

Spelling Dictation Program

Easy to use format for work with the movable alphabet

This should be all you need for your elementary dictation program, presented in a ready-to-mount format. 207 carefully staged word lists in three progressive sets are laser-printed in clear Courier 24 point typeface, with bold letters emphasizing the study problem. dictation

All pages are printed on crack-and-peel adhesive backing providing quick, wrinkle-free mounting. Lists are titled, numbered and sequenced, printed three per page and centered for easy cutting. You may purchase sets together or separately.

Purchase as separate levels or as a complete set.


Homophones (#S6): $45.00

An individualized homework program for third year students

The Homophones Program is designed for students who are writing independently and have reached the stage where distinction between word spellings is important to their language progress. It is planned to be a homework program. The set of masters is for the teacher to use as needed, tailoring the program to the specific abilities of her students, or following the program as given.

The set includes: