Mandala Classroom Resources Price List


A1 Artists and Their Art

A3 Study of Color 30
A4 Art Studies: Study of a Painting, Drawing, and Photograph 35
A5 Art Timeline: 18 Movements and Teacher Guide 35


G1 Literature for Grammar Practice Books Level 1 (set of 5) 40
G2 Literature for Grammar Practice Books Level 2 (set of 5) 55
G3 Analyze and Symbolize: Early Grammar Masters 25
G3SP Spanish Analyze and Symbolize -- NEW 30
G4 Literature for Grammar Lower Level Masters (30 selections) 28

G5 Literature for Grammar Intermediate Level Masters (40 selections)

G6 Literature for Grammar Upper Level Masters (50 selections) 36
G7 Literature for Grammar Complete Set (G4-G6) 85
G8 Grammar Discount Pack (G3 - G6) 108
G9 Grammar Wall Chart -- Level 1 20
G10 Grammar Wall Chart -- Level 2 20
G11 Grammar Seat Charts (set of 5) 35
G12 Making Sense of Sentence Analysis 50
G13 TuneUps 64
G13B TuneUps Display Box -- NEW 22
G14 The Grammar Game with Shelf-Ready Stand 99
G15 Shelf-Ready Stand for The Grammar Game 24
G16 Magnetic Grammar Symbols19
G17 Grammo!--A Grammar Bingo Game48
G18 The Advanced Grammar Game -- NEW 114
G19 Booster Set: Regular to Advanced Grammar Game-- NEW 18
GB1 Grammo Booster Set 2014 -- NEW12


GT15 Grammar Analysis Templates, set of 5 40
GT25 Sentence Analysis Templates, set of 5 40


IIP3 Do-it-Yourself Imaginary Island Kit 45
GEO1 Land and Water Forms Set of 38 3-Part Matching 49
IIP2 Task Cards only for Imaginary Island Puzzle 50


L1 Exploring the Dictionary 35
C2 Poetry for the Hand 35
C1 Cursive Practice Books (set of 5) 40
L4 Cliche: Understanding Common Expressions 32
L5 Discovering Words Practice Books (set of 5 books) 50
L6 Word Study: Latin and Greek Roots 45


P1 Lower Elementary Class Planning (w/CD)--Revised 58
P2 Upper Elementary Class Planning 58


S1 Making Spelling Decisions Practice Books (set of 5) 50
S2 Spelling Dictation Program: Complete Set (S3-S5) 81
S3 Spelling Dictation Program: Level One 42
S4 Spelling Dictation Program: Level Two 23
S5 Spelling Dictation Program: Level Three 27
S6 Homophones 45


MA1 Masters Starter Kit 225
M2 Student Needs Assessment Program 46
M3 Research Masters 40
M4 Early Math Masters--Revised Edition 60
M4A Math Masters Cover Sheets 12
M5 The Helping Handbook (CD) 43
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