Do-it-Yourself Imaginary Island Kit (#IIP3) $45 -- NEW!

If you have always wanted an Imaginary Island but didn't have the budget for one, now you can make your own Imaginary Island for a fraction of the original cost.

This is the original and only Mandala Classroom Resources Imaginary Island--it's just not cut and mounted. All you need is a metal straight-edge, a good cutting utensil, some poster board and a glue stick. We supply everything else: the full-color printed sheets of puzzle fronts and backs, and, in a set of emailed documents you will receive complete instructions, a master copy of the Explorations task cards, and all of the support files needed to print the compass rose, the scale mile label, the grid paper, and much more.

This is a perfect project for a detail-oriented parent to make for your classroom, or for you to take on as a relaxing spring break or summer project. Just follow the directions carefully, step by step. Cut and mount 84 puzzle pieces and you've got an Imaginary Island Puzzle ready to put in your classroom.DIYII

We have priced this Do-it-Yourself version of the Imaginary Island low with the hope that now the fabulous Imaginary Island will find its way to every Montessori classroom and elementary student in the world!

(note: if ordering by mail rather than PayPal, make sure to include your email address to receive the files)


Task Cards Only for Imaginary Island Puzzle (#IIP2) $50.00

Do you have an older version of the Imaginary Island?--Here are the task cards to supplement

A number of years ago we sold the Imaginary Island Puzzle as a simple set of picture cards--before the days of the complete set with task cards and miscellaneous objects. You can still purchase the task cards alone. These simple but engaging activities (34 count, 9"x 5-1/2") can be managed independently by students as they explore the Imaginary Island card set. On card stock.


Land and Water Forms Set of 38 (#Geog1) $49.00

Three part matching cards for vocabulary building with full color pictures in a natural style

Many years ago, Mandala Classroom Resources used to sell this set for teachers to color and mount on card stock themselves. We now bring it back in fully printed, already colored sets ready to put on your classroom shelves. We are the only company to offer this expanded land and water work for elementary classrooms.

There are 38 of the most common land and water forms, with a few that are more obscure and fascinating to children. Through a technical printing process, we were able to recreate in precise detail the drawings from our original, hand-colored set, which preserves the softly textured look of the original pictures. So, while these sets are ready-to-go, they look like they have been carefully hand-colored by you.landw2

38 loose vocabulary cards are used for matching to the pictures and a set of 38 simple definitions in an "I am a. . ." format allow children to practice their reading and vocabulary as they also match the definitions to the pictures and names.

Self-correcting labels are printed on the backs of the pictures and the definitions so children can manage their own success.

Land and water forms in the set: island, lake, isthmus, strait, peninsula, gulf, lagoon, canyon, iceberg, estuary, earth pillar, delta, crater, continental shelf, cave, bay, bight, mountain, plain, plateau, reef, ria, river basin, tributary, river, desert, fiord, glacier, archipelago, atoll, valley, waterfall, pass, oasis, volcano, continent, cape, and butte.