Early Math Masters--Revised--(#M4): $60.00

First level math books move students to independence with material

The Early Math Masters provide clear and carefully sequenced masters for 6 problem books with a crisp layout that encourages correct directionality and place value assignment. The teacher copies books as needed and provides covers, but the rest is done! These masters will carry the young students through all four operations, prepare them for the more abstract materials and drill of second year and lead them naturally toward memorization of facts.

Thanks to feedback from teachers, the revised edition now offers a number of improvements over our original version: a more balanced set of equations, a better layout, and a cleaner look overall.

Catherine Swanson, a teacher in Durham, NC, says, "Our students are LOVING the revised math booklets.  The colored covers are beautiful, help with organization, and are motivating for the students." 


Included in this packet:

  1. Addition Book: Golden Beads; Stamp Game(180 prob.)
  2. Addition Book: Bead Frame (number composition and 48 prob.)
  3. Multiplication Book:
    • Golden Beads
    • Stamp Game
    • Bank Game (54 prob.)
  4. Subtraction Book. Stamp Game; Bead Frame(78 prob.)
  5. Review:
    • Addition
    • Place Value
    • Subtraction
    • Word Problems
    • Multiplication
    • Making Fractions with Insets
    • Snake Game
    • Missing Addends (98 prob.)
  6. Division: Golden Beads; Stamp Gamecovers1

Math Masters Cover Sheets (#M4A): $12.00

An easy way to color-code covers for the students' Early Math booklets

New: We now offer sets of legal-sized colored paper for Early Math booklets. An order includes 10 sheets each of 6 colors (red, pink, yellow, purple, blue and green, to match the 6 booklets). Use the cover sheets in your Early Math Masters set to create colored covers for your student booklets. Sold separately from Early Math Masters.