Founded by Judy Martell and Holly Dykes in 1987, Mandala Classroom Resources has been producing quality Montessori materials for 28 years.  Judy and Holly had been teaching together for 4 years and had found a real need for more child-directed materials in many different subjects.  Thus, Mandala got started. Since then, they have continued to create materials for the elementary teacher that have been well received and found in classrooms not only in the United States but in many other countries. Judy and Holly have also continued to be teachers and administrators for these past 30 years.

Mandala materials have been developed to meet the needs of the child working independently and have been tested in the Montessori environment. We take care to make all of our materials beautiful to the eye and to the hand. They have a clear function in the curriculum and allow for self-correction whenever possible.  Each of our items is guaranteed to be well crafted, current, and carefully researched.

All of our materials are designed and produced in the United States. We use local businesses whenever possible, and support several other U.S. Montessori materials companies by contracting with them for some items. We also recycle shipping boxes and packing materials as much as possible, so your packages may not always look pristine--but the materials inside are!

It is our pleasure to help you build and sustain an enriched classroom environment where the children can work with freedom and a love of learning. We believe you will find our materials durable, easy to work with and useful in a variety of applications.

Feel free to call us with questions or problems.

Holly and Judy