Discovering Words: Learning about Base Words and Their Affixes (#L5): $50.00 (set of 5 books)

Independent student discovery of the building blocks of words

Working in this carefully designed booklet and with a good class dictionary as a companion, students explore how words are built from base words with the addition of the most common prefixes and suffixes. Each page encourages them to think for themselves as they create words, and then use their words to show they know the new meanings after affixes are added.

On standardized tests, breaking out base words is often challenging for students. Practice in breaking words down into parts is included in a number of the work pages, with specific rules illustrated and then practiced.

Included in the booklet are:

Discovering Words is appropriate for students who have learned the basics of how to navigate a dictionary, have some basic grammar knowledge (functions of verbs, adjectives, adverbs) and who can work relatively independently: approximately ages 8-10.


Literature for Grammar Practice Book (sold in sets of 5 only)

In addition to literature excerpts, this workbook format offers clear questions for grammar reinforcement for each passage.

The book form of Mandala's Literature for Grammar offers the same simple literature passages for grammatical analysis and on opposing pages provides a series of questions about each passage. Students first analyze the passage with grammar symbols, then answer the questions to demonstrate understanding. Books are spiral bound at the top edge (Level 1) or left side (Level 2) for easy use. An answer key is provided with each order.

Lower Level (#G1): set of 5 for $45.00

Intermediate Level (#G2): set of 5 for $60.00


Cursive Practice student books (#C1): Set of 5 for $40.00

This carefully sequenced student book is a great classroom aid

This 43-page student booklet is designed in the Zaner Bloser style for independent work in cursive practice. Each booklet is spiral-bound at the top margin with a firm front and back cover.cursive

Carefully sequenced pages progress by stroke difficulty, and include single letter practice, combinations of letters, and whole word practice. Letters are introduced in four basic stroke groups. Each new letter is introduced with a solid line model, then a solid line model with beginning and directional strokes, and finally a dotted model for tracing. A solid line model is given again at the end of the line for visual correction. Sold in sets of 5 only.


Making Spelling Decisions (sold in sets of 5 books only) (#S1): $50.00 set of 5 books

An independent program linking spelling rules and composition

With this booklet you can be assured that your students are not just learning the most important rules of spelling, but are learning to make spelling decisions as they write. By their third year of school, students are increasing their writing and editing skills. Knowing the most common spelling rules and demonstrating proper use in composition enables the students to internalize these rules. New rules are introduced clearly, activities are given for practice, and new knowledge is applied in paragraphs of their own composition. When complete, they have a reference for future work.

Included in each spiral bound booklet: