Masters Starter Kit (#MA1): $225 -- NEW

7 important masters sets to start or spruce up a classroom -- 20% discount over separate orders

The kit covers aspects of grammar, handwriting, research, planning and early mathematics usually introduced in the first year of lower elementary Montessori classrooms. Having these seven masters sets at your fingertips reduces your workload and enhances your curriculum. Staged sequences in several of the sets can give you confidence that you're covering every step. We've designed the sets for maximum independence for students, also, which frees your time for lessons and classroom management. Purchasing the Masters Starter Kit gives you a full 20% discount over those who purchase the components separately.

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Exploring the Dictionary (#L1): $35.00

A series of worksheets for extended dictionary practice

The dictionary is the first step in learning how to research. These 15 worksheets offer dictionary practice in a variety of levels and areas. Dictionary skill practice can be continued throughout the three years of lower elementary without redundancy because of the changing focus in these worksheets.

Included in the set are:exdict


Research Masters (#M3): 40.00

Ready-to-copy student research forms cover many subject areas

This set of 16 research masters guides the student's first independent research efforts with a clear, manageable method. It covers the broad areas of zoology, astronomy, geometry, geography, and language. All masters are in ready-to-copy form for immediate classroom use. Papers are designed in clear, bold print to inspire children to work neatly. Answers go directly on most papers to produce complete reports. Each research paper covers a series of questions which can parallel lessons taught in the study area, and most include an opportunity for the child to draw or trace.resmast

Included in this set:

Poetry for the Hand (#C2): $35.00

15 simple poems encourage beautiful handwriting

This master set of 15 short, well-known poems for children offers additional practice for the student in cursive word formations, bridging the gap between completion of the cursive practice book and independent cursive writing with no model. In clear, Zaner-Bloser style cursive, the poems are arranged on ruled paper to allow the student to copy each line directly below the modeled line. There are 35 total master pages of handwriting practice. These classic poems by Lewis Carroll, Jack Prelutsky, Carl Sandburg, Robert Louis Stevenson and others, are engaging but not difficult for the young reader.