Cliche: Understanding Common Expressions(#L4): $32.00

Using context clues to uncover the meanings of cliches

Students independently discover the meaning of 28 common expressions found in many classic books, such as "mum's the word" or "on the up and up". First the students try to match meanings with expressions, then check their work by placing the expressions into sentences in which the meanings are clear. This work is most appropriate for 3rd grade students with a good reading vocabulary.

Included in the set are:

Exploring the Dictionary (#L1): $35.00

A series of worksheets for extended dictionary practice

The dictionary is the first step in learning how to research. These 15 worksheets offer dictionary practice in a variety of levels and areas. Dictionary skill practice can be continued throughout the three years of lower elementary without redundancy because of the changing focus in these worksheets.exdict

Included in the set are:

Word Study/Structural Analysis Program: Latin and Greek Roots (#L6): $45.00

An independent way for students to increase their vocabulary

One of the many skills necessary for independence in reading involves figuring out new words and increasing reading vocabulary. Words are made up of a number of meaningful, structural units, among which are Latin and Greek roots. A student instructed in the process of structural analysis can look for familiar, meaningful parts in unfamiliar words and derive meaning for those words. In this word study set, students discover the meaning of a root by first grouping words that contain the root, talking about the meaning of the words, and then by using some of the words in sentences.

The 20 root cards, word cards, and definition cards are printed on heavy cardstock, color-coded for each level. Lines are printed for easy cutting. grlatin

The complete program includes: