Land and Water Forms Set of 38 (#Geog1) $49.00

Three part matching cards for vocabulary building with full color pictures in a natural style

Many years ago, Mandala Classroom Resources used to sell this set for teachers to color and mount on card stock themselves. We now bring it back in fully printed, already colored sets ready to put on your classroom shelves. We are the only company to offer this expanded land and water work for elementary classrooms.

There are 38 of the most common land and water forms, with a few that are more obscure and fascinating to children. Through a technical printing process, we were able to recreate in precise detail the drawings from our original, hand-colored set, which preserves the softly textured look of the original pictures. So, while these sets are ready-to-go, they look like they have been carefully hand-colored by you.landw

38 loose vocabulary cards are used for matching to the pictures and a set of 38 simple definitions in an "I am a. . ." format allow children to practice their reading and vocabulary as they also match the definitions to the pictures and names.

Self-correcting labels are printed on the backs of the pictures and the definitions so children can manage their own success.

Land and water forms in the set: island, lake, isthmus, strait, peninsula, gulf, lagoon, canyon, iceberg, estuary, earth pillar, delta, crater, continental shelf, cave, bay, bight, mountain, plain, plateau, reef, ria, river basin, tributary, river, desert, fiord, glacier, archipelago, atoll, valley, waterfall, pass, oasis, volcano, continent, cape, and butte.

The Grammar Game with Shelf-Ready Stand (#G14): $104.00

An interactive game for practicing grammar patterns-- only from Mandala Classroom Resources

This innovative game allows students to practice their knowledge of the nine parts of speech while creating their own sentences in common speech patterns. Using a magnetic game board and magnetic grammar symbol tiles, students build on each others' sentences to try to use up all of the game tiles and fill the board. Teachers can adjust the challenge by beginning with the first grammar symbols learned and then adding more. Older students can be challenged by restricting the use of more common adjectives, nouns, and adverbs, using a Thesaurus.

Included in the set are:grstandall



Word Study/Structural Analysis Program: Latin and Greek Roots (#L2): $45.00

An independent way for students to increase their vocabulary

One of the many skills necessary for independence in reading involves figuring out new words and increasing reading vocabulary. Words are made up of a number of meaningful, structural units, among which are Latin and Greek roots. A student instructed in the process of structural analysis can look for familiar, meaningful parts in unfamiliar words and derive meaning for those words. In this word study set, students discover the meaning of a root by first grouping words that contain the root, talking about the meaning of the words, and then by using some of the words in sentences.

The 20 root cards, word cards, and definition cards are printed on heavy cardstock, color-coded for each level. Lines are printed for easy cutting. latingrk

The complete program includes:



Magnetic Grammar Symbols (#G16): $24.00

A multi-use tool for grammar lessons or student practice

Teachers can write sentences or phrases to illustrate grammar functions and then easily symbolize them using this set of 28 magnetic color symbols of the nine first level parts of speech. The 1-inch square symbols have a strong magnetic backing that allows you to hold up a magnet board as you teach your lesson yet still move them easily. Students can also use the symbols for individual practice using a classroom magnet board. There are many possible uses for this set of symbols.symbolsonly

We recommend using a dry-erase magnet board that is 11 x 17 inches,which allows lengthy sentences in landscape orientation, or shorter phrases in portrait orientation.

The 28 symbols include: 4 articles, 5 adjectives, 4 nouns, 4 verbs, 3 adverbs, 3 prepositions, 2 conjunctions, 2 pronouns, and 1 interjection. The symbols come in a clear box with lid, but you can also store the symbols right at the bottom margin of a magnet board--no small parts to lose that way!