Masters Starter Kit (#MA1): $225 -- NEW

7 important masters sets to start or spruce up a classroom -- 20% discount over separate orders

The kit covers aspects of grammar, handwriting, research, planning and early mathematics usually introduced in the first year of lower elementary Montessori classrooms. Having these seven masters sets at your fingertips reduces your workload and enhances your curriculum. Staged sequences in several of the sets can give you confidence that you're covering every step. We've designed the sets for maximum independence for students, also, which frees your time for lessons and classroom management. Purchasing the Masters Starter Kit gives you a full 20% discount over those who purchase the components separately.

Included in the set (click on title to see details)

The Helping Handbook (#M5): $43.00

A complete masters packet for community service projects + editable CD

Students at the upper elementary level are eager to do acts of service and fundraising for a cause, and are usually independent enough to carry projects through to completion. At times they will miss a step, especially in research or communications, and often the teachers need to assist to make sure a proper process is followed in the midst of the student's enthusiasm. The Helping Handbook is intended to guide the student to success through all the important aspects of fundraising and allow the teacher to monitor to only a limited extent.

The Helping Handbook is provided to teachers both in hard copy as masters and on an editable CD so modifications can be made or the school logo and letterhead inserted. Page margins allow room for letterhead.

Included in this set:


Spelling Dictation Program

Easy to use format for work with the movable alphabet

This should be all you need for your elementary dictation program, presented in a ready-to-mount format. 207 carefully staged word lists in three progressive sets are laser-printed in clear Courier 24 point typeface, with bold letters emphasizing the study problem.

All pages are printed on crack-and-peel adhesive backing providing quick, wrinkle-free mounting. Lists are titled, numbered and sequenced, printed three per page and centered for easy cutting. You may purchase sets together or separately.spelldict

Purchase as separate levels or as a complete set.


Student Needs Assessment Program (SNAP)(#M2): $46.00

Help all students succeed with this school-wide assessment package

Schools across the country are experiencing an increase in the number of students who require extra support to achieve success. Some students may have attention problems, emotional issues, or developmental delays. Others may have excessive absences that are raising concerns about academic progress. But we have busy, multi-age Montessori classrooms, and so many lessons to teach. How many of these students don’t get the help they need in a timely way? How many teachers are frustrated by delays or confused about the best way to proceed?

We offer an easy-to-use but comprehensive process to help you provide consistent and timely support to students needing intervention. Using our copy masters, blank SNAP notebooks are made up at the beginning of the school year. The notebooks hold all of the forms, instructions, sample letters, and a timeline of steps to take: when a difficulty is noticed, the teacher simply opens a notebook and begins the process. snap

In addition to the benefit of greater success for students when you use our progam, your school can avoid some common enrollment and legal problems:

The set includes all master forms, complete instructions for teachers, completed sample forms, and a draft Policy on Academic and Social Progress for your school to adapt to support the SNAP process.

Artists and Their Art (#A1): $24.00

Lesson plans on the great artists and their techniques

Introduce your students to new ways of seeing and creating images as they explore the techniques of Joan Miro, Georges Seurat, Piet Mondrian, the Expressionists, Cubists and Surrealists with these lesson plans. Each lesson plan succinctly portrays the essential elements of each movement or technique, identifying what separates this style from others, and then provides a major hands-on lesson that allows your students to explore this style freely and understand the work of the artist under study.

Vocabulary, objectives, materials and references are provided to help you bring art history alive in hands-on classroom work. This is a valuable resource to any teacher trying to incorporate art into the curriculum or develop a stronger art program.